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If you are not yet a hair client of mine, let me tell you a little about the product

I use and sell in my Salon.

Monat is a professional anti-aging, naturally based hair and skincare company based in Florida.  All their products are made in the USA in their own manufacturing plant. 

As a Market Partner with the company, I offer multiple ways to purchase the product.

Products can be purchased at retail, you can become a VIP and get discounts and VIP perks or you can join my team and become a Market Partner and get even more discounts and perks.

If you are interested in becoming a VIP, please take a moment to complete the hair quiz below.  Once I receive a copy of your completed form, I will contact you to discuss which products would be best for your hair type and/or concerns.  Are you ready to jump right in, click on the Shop Monat button below to start shopping.

If you would like more information about joining my team as a Market Partner,

please email me by clicking on contact in the menu above.

I look forward to taking this journey to beautiful hair with you.

Hair Quiz

Please fill out the information below.

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