I became a Hair Stylist over 20 years ago, because I loved expressing my creative side through the art of hair.  While growing up, I enjoyed styling my own hair and had no problem having it cut off to suit what was in fashion at the time.

Dreams do come true...

In 2017 I fulfilled my dream of becoming a Salon Suite Owner.  All my clients enjoy the warm and welcoming space I have created and the convenient and flexible schedule I offer.  I believe that having an in depth conversation with my clients regarding their daily hair routine is very important.  I like to make sure that the haircut & color we choose will look just as good every day after they leave the Salon.   

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How I started...

In 1994 when I saw the company I was working for slowly going down hill, I decided it was time to start the process of making my dream job a reality.  In 1997 I graduated from Cosmetology School and started my 1st Hair Stylist job.  In the years to follow I continued to educate myself on all the latest hair trends and what it takes to be a successful Salon owner.

Live, Love & Laugh

Lastly but most importantly, as much I love my job and take pride in the work I do, I still do feel it's important to find balance in my work and family life.  When I am away from my Salon Suite, I enjoy movie dates with my husband, family gatherings and girl time with my best friends.

Loving myself is also a priority.  So regular massages, pedicures and manicures are a must.  When I'm feeling my best, my clients get the best of me.

Mission Statement

To instill a confidence in women by giving them the perfect haircut & color that suits their lifestyle.